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IT ,Telecom and media

IT & Telecom market basically comprises of Software, Hardware, Related Consulting & Support Services, Internet (Social Media), Telephony and Vertical applications. Constant improvisation and innovation activities are taking place in this arena and it is inevitable to understand not only the business market but user demands also. Enterprises and industry stakeholders demand for market analysis requirements and technological trackers for better awareness of the market and first hand quality data to come up with R&D findings.
We at JCR have been conducting extensive data collection projects in IT & Communication field since our beginning and now with our vast experience we present ourselves as a specialist IT& Telecom data collection & analytics firm. We have a team of more than 50 analysts dedicatedly working for IT, Media and Telecom sector. The quality of our data and various format of presentation make us different from our competitors.

Expertien in wide range of studies

  • Market potential study

  • Account profiling study

  • Market opprtunity analysis

  • Account profiling study

  • channel partner study

  • Pricing Study

  • Technology adoption study

  • Brand perception study

  • Customer satisfaction study

  • City level engagement

  • Market segment study

  • Technology usage study