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Healthcare & Life science

Healthcare is a technologically advanced and enormously competitive industry with a requirement for research that helps deliver real competitive advantage. As such, medical and healthcare market research requires an agency that can reach out to the right target group and deliver top class response rates. We have given utmost focus in this area in last two years to support not only our consulting clients but also many healthcare firms to understand current market dynamics. Our domain expertise covers a range of respondents across the globe and customized methodologies improvise the data collection results for our client. Below are the spotlights that demonstrate our capabilities and coverage for this sector.

Burgeon Research Healthcare Practice

Hospitals & clinic

  • Hospital experience study

  • Mystery shopping programs

  • Customer satisfaction studies

  • Service satisfaction studies

Doctors & healthcares

  • Drug prcription studies

  • Survey on medical representatives

  • Doctors satisfaction survey

  • study on specialists

Pharmaceuticals & drug stores

  • Drug store audit

  • Product testing studies

  • Mystery shopping programs

  • In-store intercept interview

Patients & Drug consumers

  • Patients satisfaction study

  • Drug usage studies

  • Pricing studies

  • Usage and bahavior study