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Oil/Gas & ENERGY

The Oil & Gas sector has also seen quite a few technical shifts during last decade. Rising demand of power and gas has put tremendous pressure on price and production. Volatile oil & gas prices, changing regulatory compliances, alternative energy sources etc. are demanding great deal of technical advancement in this sector. This in turn has increased R&D activities in this sector for precise or comprehensive knowledge requirements so as to make informed decisions. Intensive research, quality data of current market dynamics has remained in demand by research and consulting agencies for last few years and we’ve successfully fulfilled their requirements by collecting data from senior management folks in this sector.


Not only specialized consulting agencies but end users of data like Energy enterprises, Oil & Gas companies have approached us with vey niche project scopes and rare designations to target. We take pride to say that our methodology mix and patterns have got the piece of information what they were looking for every time.

The types of projects completed include market potential and sizing, geographic volume demand analysis, challenges with changing regularity requirements, IT & security systems and equipment investment & maintenance cost analysis etc.