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Dynamic market environment of BFSI sector and aided by innovative E-Commerce services has presented numerous challenges for BFSI Enterprises. Challenges like advanced technology adoption, severe pressure on profits, customer demands, acquiring high potential customer etc. are some which need constant attention and market tracking. Latest first hand information is always required by BFSI organizations in order to keep hands on knowledge for competitive edge. High quality data collection and presentation is the prime requirement of this sector which can help these organizations to reduce customer churn, increase customer loyalty and retention, maximize customer acquisition, increased customer values, fraud detection & prevention, improvised returns, limit debts and loss of interest etc.


JCR helps organizations by providing cleansed first hand data which help them understand the real market scenario thereby minimize risk & frauds, make strategies for better returns, understand regularity and compliance issues, cost effectiveness, improving brand perceptions, maximize revenue growth etc. Our team of specialist and expert management run BFSI and Ecommerce projects at full proficiency and always manage to meet client’s expectations and exceed in some cases.
Our work in this area for last 5 odd years and our rapport with the respondents ensure quickest turnaround and top class data collection. A range of Job Titles from C-Level to Junior Management are included in our panel of BFSI respondents.